We offer “Lab Accreditation Services” to our valued customer, who have intended to get accreditation from a national or international organisation for recognising and enhancing companies value to the local and international market.

How ISO/IEC 17025 Help Your Company ?

ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation helps you minimise risk by ensuring that you are choosing a technically competent lab that has a sound quality system in place. This also allows you to avoid expensive retesting, which enhances your confidence in our product by assuring that it has been thoroughly evaluated by an independent, competent testing or calibration laboratory that has been assessed by a third party.

How Will We Help You ?

We will cover the all below parameter in the services

  • Concept of ISO 17025 (Quality Management System)
  • Quality Manual Preparation
  • SOP Preparation
  • EOG preparation
  • Justification of Machine & Apparatus Requirement
  • Test method purchasing
  • Technical Training On Test Method
  • Concept of Calibration & Uncertainty measurement
  • Application for the Accreditation
  • Hole Accreditation Process Follow up &
  • To help up to Approval of Accreditation

Which point will be assessed by accreditation body ?

Laboratory accreditation bodies use the ISO 17025 standard specifically to assess factors relevant to a laboratory’s ability to produce precise, accurate test and calibration data; including:

  • Tractability of measurements and calibrations to national standards
  • Technical competence of staff
  • Maintenance of test equipment
  • Quality assurance of test and calibration data
  • Validity and appropriateness of test methods
  • Appropriate handling and transportation of test items
  • Quality of testing environment and sampling

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