With the continuous growth of Bangladesh and  along with global production and consumption of textile related products and services, there are both opportunities and challenges for the textile industry.
But challenges are mostly observed in Bangladesh, South Asia, on the contrary a little research and initiations are observed for finding these solution. So most of the industry’s management is facing the obstacle to overcome the encounters.
quality control through the lab test is common requirement of most of the buyer for now a day’s and somewhere it is mandatory for the supplier or factory, so factory management face some difficulties, such as suitable manpower, lab  accommodation, testing machine & apparatus selection with sourcing, test method training, test method purchase, buyer accreditation etc.
The “Textile Aide” is committed to provide appropriate solution for the textile & garment industry, especially for laboratory setup from the A to Z. And we have made it easier for you by our prompt service for your convenience.

How will we Help You Through Our Services ?

  • Laboratory planning
  • Accommodation setup
  • Justification of machine, apparatus & consumable requirement
  • Laboratory manpower solution proposal
  • Required test method purchasing procurement
  • Laboratory machine setup
  • Test method Training
  • Practically test run in the laboratory

Some Points Which are Helped an Industry by Setting up The In-house Laboratory

  • Quality Control
  • Comparative Testing
  • Research and Development
  • Analysing Product Failure
  • Government Regulations
  • Selection of Raw Materials
  • Process Control
  • Process Development
  • Product Testing
  • Standard test methods and specifications

If your are interested for this service please contact us  @ info@textileaide.com