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AATCC Reference Detergent 1993


1993 Reference AATCC Detergent

Applicable for Dimensional Stability To Washing Test, Appearance After washing test

Ariel Detergent


Product description

Ariel Matic has been developed to bring to you a product that gives India’s Best Stain Removal in 1 Wash. Especially designed so that it can be used both in a Front Load Washhing Machine as well as in a Top Load Washing Machine, Ariel Matic will provide an amazing experience on the full laundry load. It provides great stain removal, deep down cleaning, and long lasting freshness. Wear your confidence on your clothes. Especially formulated for Fully Automatic Washing Machines, Ariel Matic has the power of bar, brush and blue built in. Ariel Matic comes in a wonderful white carton box packaging. Look over the packaging for some great laundry tips! Based on 3rd party data on overall better stain removal among front load premium Matic detergents.

Crockmaster, Brand – James Heal UK


Two models available

Available as either a hand operated or motorised instrument.

Easy to load

The rubbing finger is easy to load with crocking cloth by using a spring clip.

Alternative applications

Apart from textiles, the CrockMaster can be used to test the colour fastness to rubbing of carpets, laminates and printing inks, as well as the micro-scratch resistance of lacquers, coatings or painted surfaces.

Laboratory Setup & ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation Program

What is quality management system (QMS) ?
What is Lab. accreditation?
Accreditation Facility In Bangladesh
Benefit of  17025 accreditation
Basic requirement of Lab accreditation process
Lab Setup & Accreditation Program of  “Textile Aide”

Shrinkage Template with Shrinkage Ruler


Shrinkage Template with Shrinkage Ruler

Specialty : Two in One (ISO & AATCC Standard)

  • This template has been made as per instruction of ISO 5077, ISO 3759, BS EN ISO 6330, AATCC 135.
  • 100% accurate measurement
  • Calibration certificate can be provided with the template (additional charge required)

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